[PATCH] handle endpoint registration and rpc_<service>_init() in the correct process

Andreas Schneider asn at cryptomilk.org
Tue Mar 6 05:15:40 MST 2012

On Monday 05 March 2012 12:58:30 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Andreas,
> The attached patches are the relevant parts of my s3fs-wip tree, which
> shows by passing make test that we do not need to register or initialise
> 'external' rpc services in dcesrv_ep_setup().
> Those services which are in the spoolssd and lsasd children are already
> initialised and registered to the endpoint mapper there, and when these
> services are handled externally to smbd (ie, in Samba4 for
> plugin_s4_dc), no initialisation of the s3 service implementation is
> desired or required.
> Similarly, it makes no sense to initialise the endpoint mapper except in
> the endpoint mapper's own forked child process, so I have removed this
> code (presumably left over from early development).

As discussed on IRC and this is working correctly in the meantime I've pushed 
the patches slightly modified to master.

Thanks for the work!

	-- andreas

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