Replacing smbclient and nmblookup binaries with the source3 equivalents for the Samba4 release.

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Mar 1 11:21:32 MST 2012

Currently the smbclient and nmblookup installed in the Samba4
install are the ones from source4. The ones from source3 are
currently installed as smbclient3 and nmblookup3.

As the ones from source3 are the binaries most existing
installations and scripts use and have more functionality
than the ones from source4 I'm preparing a patch to
swap this so that a Samba4 install gets smbclient and
nmblookup from source3, and the source4 binaries are
installed as smbclient4 and nmblookup4.

I'm willing to entertain not installing them at all as
an alternative (I don't like having duplicate binaries
around to confuse people), but I think at a minimum
this change needs doing so we can move closer to a
S4 release.

I'll post the patch for review once I'm done.



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