Samba4 getent Broken???

Scott Jordahl scott at
Thu Jun 28 15:14:15 MDT 2012

I'm having issues trying to get getent to show domain users/groups. 
This, consequently, means I cannot see actual user name/groups when 
doing an "ls -l" on the Samba host (just the assigned idmap number).

Here is my setup:
Host: Ubuntu x64 10.04 LTS
Samba compiled from: samba-4.0.0beta2.tar.gz

Here is what I have done:
o Appended "winbind" to the passwd and group entries in nsswitch.conf
o Copied to /lib and created the symlink 
/lib/ ->  /lib/
o Misc: apparmor has been removed
o ldconfig -v shows " ->"

When I execute wbinfo with any of the options, it works perfectly and 
outputs what is expected.
When I execute getent, I only get a dump of the local users/groups. I 
also tried: "getent passwd "DOM\user", and it returns an empty string.
I'm not getting any error messages and nothing is showing up in any of 
the logs. Am I suppose to include an option with "configure" to enable 
this function before building Samba?

Thanks for the help,

-- Scott

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