libreplace on Linux was (Re: Changing back to per-thread credentials on Linux (fixing native AIO).)

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jun 28 06:44:07 MDT 2012

Am 28.06.2012 10:03, schrieb Andreas Schneider:
> On Thursday 28 June 2012 17:00:31 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> It feels like the kind of trick that would have a experienced unix
>> sysadmin or developer not familiar with this particular chapter of Samba
>> history pulling their hair out for a half a day, until they found the
>> macro.  If you put it just in Samba, and call it samba_thread_seteuid()
>> etc, then my concerns go away.
> Jeremy,
> I think the name should be a different name than the system function too. 
> Sorry for not thinking about that earlier when we discussed it.

That sounds like a valid argument...


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