interactions between samba4 and samba3

Matthieu Patou mat at
Wed Jun 27 01:08:49 MDT 2012

On 06/25/2012 08:18 AM, Daniele Dario wrote:
> Hi list,
> today I updated my two samba4 DCs to latest git tree.
> Before to update secodary DC I demoted it to test DNS zones replication
> after a re-join and I was very happy to see that after join, zones
> automatically started to replicate and with samba_upgradedns I was able
> to get private/dns stuff and than bind9 with DLZ backend worked fine.
> I had a problem with the creation of the CNAME record of the re-joined
> DC in the _msdcs zone (I removed the old one and add the new one with
> samba-tool) but after that, all went fine.
> After that I rebooted the two file servers with samba 3.4.7 but they
> came up with this problem:
> [2012/06/25 17:03:17,  1, pid=1140]
> winbindd/winbindd_util.c:303(trustdom_recv)
>    Could not receive trustdoms
> [2012/06/25 17:03:17,  1, pid=1140] libads/ldap.c:427(ads_find_dc)
>    ads_find_dc: failed to find a valid DC on our site
> (Default-First-Site-Name), trying to find another DC
Try to trace the DNS requests from the s3 servers it looks like a DNS issue.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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