s4: homes share not working

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Tue Jun 26 11:46:11 MDT 2012


Am 26.06.2012 19:14, schrieb steve:
> If you don't want to use winbind, then you can store the unixHomeDirectory
> attribute (along with the other stuff Linux needs) in the directory and pull
> it out by mapping it to homeDirectory using nss.

I already had nslcd and nss configured for seeing the users on linux too. If I 
fill the unixHomeDirectory attribute too, then

   read only = no

works. But this seems to be a complex way. If admins on s4 should easily 
manage users just over the AD user/group console, it's not possible to have 
personal home shares for users, because this attribute can't be added there. 
Also the folder can't be automatically created.

Is the [homes] feature currently just not fully implemented?

Byside this it would be good, if the migration process also copies some more 
of the LDAP attributes, if they exist in the old directory. Like sn, 
givenName, mail,... (the attributes in s4 are also used if you fill it by the 
AD user/group console).

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