S4 user/group add script

Ali Bendriss ali.bendriss at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 09:26:13 MDT 2012

> Hello,
> Is there a way to ask S4 to run a script when a user is created via dsa.msc
> (windows remote administration tool). Of course this script will run samba-
> tool to really create the user but I would like to create some dirs as
> well.
> For the moment I only use samba-tool for the user creation. But using
> dsa.msc for that as well could be really cool.
> thanks

more precision on what I am asking:
In fact what I really need is to run a command instead of the samba user 
For the moment we are running 2 DC (S4 beta2 + s3fs), we are creating users in 
batch mode from a SQL table, and before adding users, a script take care to 
sync the xidNumber by taking the max from each DC. When the user is created, 
it check that the uid/gid is the same on each node otherwise the user is 
deleted and the creation for that user is delayed. If one of the node is not 
ready, the user will be created on the next run of the script. I've tested the 
creation of 1000 users without any problem.

I would like to run the same procedure but for one user added via dsa.msc.
(we are redirecting a lot of folders so I need more than the home dir as 

Is it possible to place a hook on the samba user add command ?


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