autobuild now building samba with cluster support! (Re: [SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated)

simo idra at
Fri Jun 22 05:45:38 MDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-06-22 at 11:42 +0200, Michael Adam wrote: 
> Hi,
> I wanted to point out that our autobuild will now protect us from
> build regression of the clustered samba build with both the
> autoconf and the waf build.
> I achieved this by _copying_ the ctdb headers from current ctdb
> master branch to the samba repo under ./ctdb/include/, a directory
> that will never automatically be searched for headers, and
> adding two new targets to autobuild. These targets build samba
> with cluster support (using the newly added headers), and then
> as a test only check whether "smbd -b" prints "CLUSTER_SUPPORT".
> So this should not extend the overall autobuild time noticeably.
> I am aware of the fact that copying the headers is not optimal
> design, but retrieving them over the net via a ceckout or
> download seemed too error prone to me. So this is what worked
> for most easily for a start.
> Let me share some ideas I have to drive this even further:
> (1) I intend to extend this to build a full ctdb
> and add a clustered setup to our selftest, so that we can
> also do runtime tests with clustering in make test and in
> autobuild:
> I did already work on it a bit in late 2011 but got distracted.
> Here is my branch of what was partially already working:
> This will not apply to current master, but the ideas should
> be applicable.
> (2) In the long run I want to propose to move ctdb master into
> the samba repo, so that samba and ctdb can easily be tested
> togehter and both ctdb and samba commits can't get pushed
> unless the clustered build and runtime tests survive.
> The releases should of course stay independent, just as
> tdb, talloc, tevent and friends are released independently.

Michael I am quite against adding even more stuff in the samba git tree.
Let autobuild have a copy of the ctdb git tree and use it as a
dependency for the build instead.


Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer <simo at>
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. <simo at>

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