3.6.6 release date and Debian wheezy freeze

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Thu Jun 21 10:53:11 MDT 2012

Hello karolin and Samba Team,

Today, Debian release managers announced that Debian "wheezy" will be
frozen as of June 30th.

Any package uploaded to the archive before  that date will be allowed
to transition to "testing", which means it will be part of the Debian
release (unless it gets release critical bugs afterwards)...which is
due out "when it's ready" (hopefully before the end of 2012).

So, my point is simple:  is June 25th still the planned release
data? If so, fine, I'm happy.

Otherwise, anything later than June 30th will be a problem for us (I
seem to remember having read somethign about July 2nd, but I don't
remember where).

The freeze does not mean that nothing will be allowed to flow *after*
the freeze but that will be examined on a case by case basis by Debian
release managers....and I suspect that the huge diff between 3.6.5 and
3.6.6 will be out of question..

(whatever confidence I have in the Samba Team to not break things in a
release as matured as 3.6.6 is......that confidence doesn't seem to be shared)

Our backup plan is to cook up ourselves a "pre-release" of 3.6.6 and
upload it before the freeze. I call this "cheating" and I personnally
think it's stupid but it seems it has agreement by the Debian release

For this, I need to know when the release happens as you may imagine.

And, again, thanks a lot for all  the considerations you had with our
priorities when first planning the releas for end of May. Sadly it
couldn't happen but it's still highly appreciated.

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