CTDB not fully working with Bonded interfaces

Daniel Metcalfe dmetcalfe at ocf.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 06:49:30 MDT 2012


I have been having some issues with CTDB, where when i have a bonded
interface 'Bond0' (eth0 & eth1) and a second interface either 'eth3' or
'Bond1' (eth3 & eth4) the second interface doesn't come up, regardless
of it being a bond or not, leaving ctdb 'partially online'.  The
interface link itself is up, using ethtool i have confirmed this, but
the iface in ctdb stays down.

Has anyone successfully used a 2 bonds or a bond and another interface
in ctdb?


2 Node Cluster
Node 1
Node 2

Nodes File contains

Public Addresses (example) bond0 bond0 bond1 bond1

A manual intervention can bring up the second interface 'ctdb
setifacelink -n all bond1 up' and all is well, but a failover or restart
takes down the second interface and all is not well again.

I have been looking through the code but have been unable to
successfully find out why the interface is not being brought 'up'.

If any more information is required please ask.

Thanks in advance, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Danny Metcalfe
Systems Engineer
OCF plc

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