Plans for pdb_ads and auth_netlogond?

Kai Blin kai at
Tue Jun 19 09:13:49 MDT 2012

On 2012-06-19 15:08, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

Hi Andrew,

> - At best, they duplicate the supported, working and tested solution. 
> - We should not release, even as a developer feature, code which is duplicate, 
>   untested and which we do not wish to support. 

I don't recall a conclusive discussion on this. Arguably we do have a
lot of duplicate components that we're currently shipping. They might
not fulfil your criteria as well as pdb_ads, but probably many things
get close.

> Given that in the last year when we have largely solidified the
> design of Samba 4.0, and that in that year there hasn't been any changes
> (beyond those imposed by broader changes), or a way to automatically
> test the code, it seemed reasonable to ask, and to act on the
> affirmative response from the maintainer.

"defeatist" would be what I'd call that response, not affirmative. But
that's a separate issue.

Anyway, I'd argue that if people still want that code, why not keep it
in the tree? We can still axe it from the release branch if we decide we
don't want to release with it.


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