gtkhtml requirement for samba4?

Bob Cavey wedgeshot at
Mon Jun 18 16:15:28 MDT 2012

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Brian C. Huffman <
> bhuffman at> wrote:
>>  Bob,
>> Great!
>> Have you done any more work with selinux that isn't in the wiki?  It
>> appears that it definitely will *not* work without some changes if you're
>> using the DLZ functionality.
   Unfortunately not, too many other projects distracting me.  I'm planning
> on upgrading in early June so I'll post updates as I go.

    I just upgraded from alpha-14 to beta1 in my test setup in VM-land
before I upgrade the real server.  I used the FC16 bind-9.8.3.-1.src.rpm
took out the systemd-units dependency, re-built RPMS in RHEL 6.2 and
installed follow-up with beta1 compile and install, things seem to be OK
but I only have one Win7 machine to test login, GPO management, AD Users
and Computers snap-ins. NOTE: I am still running with DNS flatfiles and a
single DC.

After install beta1, I made sure DNS was happy via samba_dnsupdate
--verbose, then fired off samba-tool dbcheck which reported 200+ missing
GUID errors in which I ran --fix to resolve. Sometime after a reboot or
restart?? I had to add SELinux label for the .jnl file ( updated on the
wiki with some other fixes I made recently ).  I then saw a reply to a post
from Andrew about running dbcheck --cross-ncs which on my install threw a
couple thousand errors about missing GUID, and followed-up on that same
thread Andrew attached a patch -->
0001-s4-dbcheck-Always-specify-the-dhcheck-control.patch for the script and ran that.

Looks like I'm ready when I get the green light to patch the servers I can
repeat again.

 - Bob

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