Help is required to build static library of libwbclient

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Fri Jun 15 08:51:07 MDT 2012

I have the same build problems to build smbtorture for Samba4.  It has to link with 98 shared samba4 libraries.
It is really inconvenient.  

I got many suggestions on how to make the static build, none of them worked.

I used samba4.alpha1 through alpha11,   static build is way better.

Attention developers:  Please let me use static build.   Shard libraries is not good at all.  Who want an executable with 98 shared samba4 libraries?


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Subject: Help is required to build static library of libwbclient

Hi All,

Can somebody help me in configuring "sources3" so that I can build static
library of libwbclient.

None of the below options worked for me

./configure --with-static-modules=smbget --with-static-libs=libwbclient
./configure --with-static-modules=smbget --enable-static=libwbclient
./configure --with-static-modules=smbget --with-static-modules=libwbclient

How do I know which option to use?  "--with-static-libs" or
"--enable-static" or "--with-static-modules"


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