default FILE SERVER change for EXISTING Samba4 installs (was Re: Is a 'flag day' OK for a move from ntvfs to s3fs by default?)

Andriy Syrovenko andriys at
Thu Jun 14 14:07:54 MDT 2012

2012/6/14 Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at>:
> I guess one of the underlying questions also is: why would users want
> to stick to ntvfs at this point? Just the fact that it's been tested
> better with e.g. GPOs?

As far as I understand POSIX ACLs support is mandatory for s3fs. But
POSIX ACLs are not available when using ZFS, only NFSv4-style ACLs
(i.e. ZFS ACLs) are available (at least on FreeBSD, not sure about
Solaris and its descendants). This is the number 1 reason I am not
even considering switching from ntvfs to s3fs yet.


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