Updated patches for exchange setup support

Matthieu Patou mat at matws.net
Wed Jun 13 00:28:35 MDT 2012

Andrew, Simo, Matthias,

I've updated my patches here:


They involves:

* removing the automatic reload of the schema
* adding periodic of the schema (like in Microsoft implementation)
* finish handling of schemaUpdateNow so that it really cause the schema 
to be reloaded right now (or at the end of the transaction)
* add a signaling between process so that if one process had to reload 
the schema due to schemaUpdateNow or due to DRS replication then other 
process dealing with the samdb are aware of it and reload the schema.
* fix utc/generalized time attributes (we used to treat them as synonyms 
but there aren't)
* return the timestamp of the last modified attribute/class as the 
modifyTimestamp attribute of CN=Aggregate,<SCHEMA_DN>
* fix crackname

Can you have a look ?


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