Samba4 success as a peer-DC to Windows 2008 ... plus some questions.

Hafeez Bana hafeez.bana at
Tue Jun 12 08:48:18 MDT 2012

Hi All,

Just wanted to congratulate all of you on the new Beta release and also
mention that I've successfully installed samba4 as peer DC on ubuntu server
12.04LTS. I have a guide I have put together that maybe helpful to someone
else - where should I post this? This also includes some

Also as a note for others on the list - I had an issue with Samba throwing
a segmentation fault whenever I tired to join it to domain as a DC. I
tracked this down the following: the Windows AD was having issues
replicating to an old DC and it would not allow any new DC's to peer with
it. You need to use ntdsutil to run a metadata cleanup and purge the failed
dc (or use dcpromo to demote the dc) - then everything will work.

And now the questions:

1) When I try to browse to \\ubuntu-sambabox\netlogon - I keep getting a
could not connect - I assume this is because the file browsing service is
not running? If so how does netlogon and sysvol get replicated and exposed?
I have tried checking the mailing lists but I am not sure what the current
answer is given the code base is moving so fast (my conclusion is that FRS
is not yet implemented and therefore \netlogon and \sysvol shares are not
replicated - hopefully you can confirm that - and if it is so, has anyone
successfully built replication between a windows DC and the samba peer DC
using something like csync?)

2) Assuming my conclusion in 1) above is correct. What happens when the
windows DC goes down? Does the samba peer DC keep answering logon requests?
How does it do that when netlogon and sysvol from the windows DC are not

3) Has CIFS filesharing been implemented? I have a read a guide on samba4
and samba3 being combined - but wanted to understand what the current state

Thank you for all the great work.


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