Some Questions about smb.conf and join Samba4 to domian

Carlos Miguel Bustillo Rodriguez cbustillo at
Mon Jun 11 20:45:29 MDT 2012

Hi Ricky:

>Do you have 'nsupdate' installed on your samba machine? (its named
>bind-tools as a package on some distros). If you have it installed
>have you replicated your DomainDNSZones and ForestDNSZones? (something
>like 'samba-tool drs replicate secondaryDC primaryDC
>DC=DOMAINDNSZONES,DC=SOME,DC=DOMAIN --local' and 'samba-tool drs
>replicate secondaryDC primaryDC DC=FORESTDNSZONES,DC=SOME,DC=DOMAIN
>--local'). Just a couple of things you could try.

I will try your suggestion. I use Debian Squeeze, in this distro the package that contain "nsupdate" is "dnsutils".

I will contact your to notify my progress

Thank you for your response.

Regards, Carlos

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