New server roles: 'netbios primary domain controller', 'active directory domain controller'

simo idra at
Mon Jun 11 12:44:42 MDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-06-11 at 11:28 +1000, Andrew Bartlett wrote: 
> I've prepared a branch with new server role values, in a attempt to
> allow an smb.conf to distinguish between our major operating modes.
> This will in turn make it easier for us to stop folks running smbd when
> they mean samba, and vice versa.  (This has already been a common
> mistake with Samba4 alpha users so far). 
> I chose 'netbios primary/backup domain controller' over 'nt4 domain
> controller' or 'samba3 domain controller', as it doesn't reference a
> long-gone and unsupported version of Microsoft's windows or a previous
> version of our Samba.  The Samba 4.0 AD mode is described as 'active
> directory domain controller'.  For compatibility with previous Samba4
> alphas, the term 'domain controller' is an alias of 'active directory
> domain controller'.
> The 'server role' parameter remains optional, but I think it is a
> clearer way to describing the intent of what the administrator is trying
> to build, rather than the way they are trying to build it.  
> I do realise this puts FreeIPA in an odd spot (it would use the 'netbios
> backup domain controller'), but I'm happy for an alias to be added for
> that if required, and possibly for an extra role to be added for
> Novell's eDirectory. 

'classic primary/backup domain controller' sounds better, and avoid
'netbios' which is not accurate in any case.

FreeIPA would use then the 'classic primary domain controller' role, why
would Novell need something different ?


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