Samba4 idmap using uidNumber/gidNumber

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Jun 10 17:59:19 MDT 2012

Hello Gemes,

> Regarding groups which need to have also an uid, IMHO the best solution
> would be to have the idmap.ldb in the directory for example as a new
> partition, then for each SID->uid or uid->SID map which won't get a
> result from the main partition, searching the idmap.ldb would give an
> uniform answer across the domain.
It's a seducing idea but it has a couple of implications and corner cases:

* conflict can still happen: 2 DC allocating the a different uid for a 
given group because they were requested to do so before replication has 
* search to a full blown ldb is much much much more slower than a search 
to a standalone ldb, even if you might not notice it on a small 
provision it will be much more noticeable on bigger provision and there 
will be case when you don't want to have to pay this price.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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