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Fri Jun 8 01:52:56 MDT 2012

On 2012-06-08 09:09, Mike Howard wrote:

Hi Mike,

>> And you reliably manage to get Samba stuck in a way where you need to
>> reboot to be able to get DNS working again? As I said, I'd expect a
>> restart of the "samba" process to be sufficient (you might need to kill
>> all the running samba processes if they don't exit cleanly).
> And _I_ reliably manage ..... ? A Samba4 component fails repeatedly, on
> different hardware, also experienced and reported by other users and
> it's my fault? Very cute.

No, I didn't want to imply that at all. Sorry if that came out wrong.
I'd put the stress on _reliably_.. I can't get Samba to fail that way.
If you can, and we can figure out how your set-up is different, that'll
help me to debug this. I'm just very surprised that whatever is
happening only goes away after the reboot, so samba seems to mess up
something at the kernel level. That's not supposed to be possible from
the user-space. The fact that this happens on multiple different
machines makes this even more curious.

>>> With regards to specific patterns, actually, there was one scenario when
>>> it always seemed to fail and that was when I was using 'apt-mirror'
>>> manually (as opposed to from cron) to mirror debian security updates
>>> (plus others). No idea why that would be.
>> Ok, that does seem like asking the external forwarder might be
>> triggering that. Volker recently made that code much more resilient. You
>> might want to just give this another try.
> Ah, so it's not my fault then?

No, the forwarder code was a pretty quick hack to make development of
some other DNS code easier while running the internal DNS on my dev
machine. I'm not expecting that to be bug-free at all. :) That said, the
current code in master should behave better.


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