moving users and groups to an ou ?

denis.bonnenfant denis.bonnenfant at
Thu Jun 7 02:49:25 MDT 2012

I'm working on adding support in samba-tool for moving users and groups 
to OUs, just like the windows mmc utility does. This is required for 
command-line GPO support.

Basically for moving user to ou=new_ou, I tried something like :
m =, expression="(samaccountname=user)")
m[0].dn =  "cn=user,ou=new_ou,dc=example"
But I'm getting errors, as  some constraints in samdb prevents some  
attributes to be written directly (primarygroup...)

I tried with an ldif message, but i get the same errors. My conclusion 
is that I have to bypass the samdb module constraints,  is there a way 
to do that in python ? And in this case, does the groups memberships 
will be updated ?


Denis Bonnenfant

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