Problems with Samba 4 Beta 1 and a possible bug that was previously reported

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at
Thu Jun 7 00:13:53 MDT 2012

Bug first:
Provision needs to make userPrincipalName = administrator at .... for the
administrator user. I do not know if Windows creates this or not, but
many programs using AD require it.

Such should also happen for samba-tool user create.

Samba alpha 20 ate my installations (all 3, 2 of which were active). I
am moving /usr/local/samba out of the way (1 installation so fare as I
am having problems). /home/DOMAIN is home, /home/DOMAIN-appdata is app
data, /home/DOMAIN-profiles is profiles, /home/DOMAIN-data is a shared
drive. These are the same as before. The GPO is as close to the original
as possible (I documented it).

Administrator can log in. app data and home seem to be accurate and no
complaint about profile. However, any other user cannot log in. I don't
have the exact error in front of me but it was gpo causing login to fail
(or denying login) on login (about 30 seconds after entering

I have successfully changed owners of all the files. I believe I have
removed all old xattr based (ntvfs since it was alpha versions of samba)
permissions. I have given the user full control of all their files and
directories of all the above. System has access to profile, etc.

There is a dos readonly flag that I have tried in Linux and Windows to
remove, but it is there immediately after Windows reports successful

Any ideas?

Thank you,
"Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve
neither security nor liberty." -- Benjamin Franklin

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