How to move storage OEMs to Samba 4.0 ?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at
Wed Jun 6 10:54:07 MDT 2012

Quoting Andrew Bartlett (abartlet at

> Debian finally managed to release new versions of Samba (rather than
> just patches) in stable because we promised to follow a strict
> 'fixes-only' rule.  

Well, no, we haven't managed to do this for Debian stable (shipped
with 3.5.6). I tried that at the beginning of the release cycle and
haven't been able to convince our release team that "just" picking
whatever new 3.5.* that would show up, would be OK for stable updates.

We made big progress as I could pick up updates from later 3.5
releases on a case by case basis, but I had to explain each of those
one by one, more or less, so that they can be accepted by our Stable
Release Managers.

I also was allowed to introduce new 3.5 while we were frozen, before
the release of squeeze.....until it was frozen very hardly and we got
stuck to 3.5.6

Next Debian stable should be frozen "Quite Soon". We hope we'll be able
to get 3.6.6 in before that (which is why the delay in that release
saddens me, though I understand the reasons).

If option 1) from Jeremy's proposal is implemented, I can try again to
push for later 3.6 releases during the freeze and, more  importantly,
once Debian wheezy is released. I have no idea it that will be
accepted by Stable Release Managers. I might need to explain each and
every change which is, when it comes at Samba, humanly impossible.

So, well, back to the topic: I think that option 1) in Jeremy's
proposal is what gives us the best chances to keep up as close as
possible to upstream during the life of Debian wheezy once it's

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