How to move storage OEMs to Samba 4.0 ?

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Jun 6 10:59:32 MDT 2012

On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 06:52:17PM +0200, Kai Blin wrote:
> On 2012-06-06 18:02, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > Actually, we've been good and getting better. OEMs have come to
> > really trust our stability within a release stream. It's moving
> > to a new release stream they *really* don't like.
> So aren't we risking that exact trust by putting a lot of new features
> into the stable release stream?

Define "a lot" :-). I'm not proposing a lot, just the ones
we have already running at OEMs anyway. They're already
in production, we should give these things a home.


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