How to move storage OEMs to Samba 4.0 ?

Kai Blin kai at
Wed Jun 6 10:50:29 MDT 2012

On 2012-06-06 18:13, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> What you're missing is that these back-ports of new features ARE BEING
> DONE ANYWAY by Team members on behalf of OEMs. That's what many Team
> members are actually employed for.

Right, but that's at the OEM's discretion, for specific features
required by that OEM, and the OEM takes care of the testing. For
different OEMs, the patch sets will be different, I assume.

If we put all these different patch sets into 3.6, we effectively create
a new release without telling anyone, and possibly break things for
everybody who expects that 3.6 actually is bug-fixes only.


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