How to move storage OEMs to Samba 4.0 ?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Jun 6 04:50:50 MDT 2012

Hi Jeremy,

> However this leaves a grey area of functionality additions
> that are really useful (e.g. the aio_pthread code which
> I snuck into 3.6.x) but not large rewrites. So I can see two
> options here (there are more, but these are the ones I think
> are workable) :
> 1). Once 4.0.x ships, relax the rules on functionality
> additions to 3.6.x so that we can add *some* limited new
> functionality like bugid 8926, or the pthread aio code,
> or the new VFS module someone wants to submit. *Maybe*
> VFS changes (not sure about that..).
> We will of course commit to doing this only for a year or
> so. Requirements for new SMB3.0 functionality will attract
> OEMs to 4.0 eventually. This is *close* to what we're
> doing now, but it losens up the restrictions we currently
> have on adding new code.

Why do we have a rule to not add new vfs modules to 3.6.x?
I mean they don't destabilize anything as they're off by default
and don't change any existing code path.

I think doing a 3.7 is not needed, just to add new vfs modules.

And for anything else 4.0 is needed anyway.


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