difference between bind-9.8 and bind-9.9

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:44:48 MDT 2012

I'm having some problems in my testing environment with the default library
version number for bind (dlz_dlopen: incorrect version 1 should be 2 in
'/usr/local/samba/lib/bind9/dlz_bind9.so' in /var/log/messages).  I've hit
this several times because I have a couple of different test environments
where I'm updating from git on a fairly regular basis.  My somewhat brute
force way to fix then problem has simply been to re-build and install the
correct bind-9.x, but this clearly isn't a very good long term solution.

What I'm looking for, but haven't found yet is any way to specify, either
on the configure line or when running the provisioning step, which version
of the library you wish to use.  In particular, I am currently building on
a new Fedora17 base, which includes bind9.9 by default, so I want to be
able to run with that version.  Is there any standard way to specify the
target version, other than changing the define in

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