Any strong views on the exact modal for s3fs startup?

Andreas Schneider asn at
Sun Jun 3 02:28:36 MDT 2012

On Friday 01 June 2012 12:37:43 simo wrote:
> We need to get our pieces more independent and interacting through clear
> interfaces and API at an IPC level, not tie them up even more in a big
> ball of mud.


I spoke about that at Samba XP and tried to explain these things. It is the 
reason why we created epmd, lsasd and spoolssd the way it is.

> For one thing we carefully reduced the amount of stuff that is
> initialized (esp wrt memory allocation) before starting preforked
> daemons like lsasd and spoolssd and the reason is that when smbd fork()s
> we pay a hefty price that is directly proportional to the amount of
> memory allocated and referenced before the fork() because, although the
> Lunux kerneol uses COW there is still a certain amount of setup to
> perform for new processes. So we want different daemons that will have
> completely different allocation paths and structures to fork() as soon
> as possible to minimize the waste.

The long term goal of the file server is to use a prefork model. The prefork 
library and the preforked daemons is a way to get a feeling how it should work 
and gain experience. Run the code, read the code and get a feeling how it 
should work. Maybe the code is already just fine or we need to rewrite it.

As soon as lsasd is used with FreeIPA in the wild we know if it works as it 
should or not :)

	-- andreas

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