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R. Welsh Robert_Welsh at
Tue Jul 31 11:28:23 MDT 2012


I've installed F17 (Fedora 17) 64-bit Linux on a machine and am using
Samba version 3.6.6 to provide service to Windows machines on the local

I am using a Brother HL-1440 Laser printer connected to the Linux
machine for print jobs both locally and from the network.  I am able to
print any type of document from the Linux console to this printer (PDF,
text, output from web browser, office documents).

I am only able to print documents from Windows machines to the Linux
printer using MS Office or a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
or printing a test page from the Printer Properties configuration on the
Windows machines.  I am unable to print PDF documents (using Adobe
Reader or Foxit Reader) or text documents (using MS Notepad, MS Wordpad,
or PilotEdit Lite) to the same printer.

I have played with the configuration of the printer driver setup on the
Linux server to see if this might impact results with no change.  The
last change I made was to download the Brother HL-1440 lpr driver and
CUPS wrapper from the Brother web site and am currently using this
configuration to drive the printer from this Linux machine.  But all
changes I have attempted yield the same results above.

Viewing the CUPS log files on the Linux machine, I see log entries for
the local print jobs from the Linux console and the successful print
jobs from the Windows machines.  But, I cannot find entries for the
failed print jobs from the Windows machines in any of the logs on the
Linux server, and no error messages being reported on the Windows

Any idea what I might be missing, or how I could chase this down?


R. Welsh

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