Working Samba 3 config serving files with proper permissions via ADS security + Request for samba experts in the UK

Daniele Dario d.dario76 at
Sat Jul 21 15:04:59 MDT 2012

Hi Hafeez,

On Fri, 2012-07-20 at 11:00 +0100, Hafeez Bana wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Does anyone have samba3 working by joining it to a domain with ADS security
> enabled (with no local accounts mirroring the AD accounts)? If so could you
> post your config and details of your setup? I've followed the guide but
> whenever I try to access the share, I keep getting username/password
> prompts which I know I am filling out correctly.
> Also if you are are a samba (both 3 and 4) expert and located in the UK -
> would love to be able to tap into your expertise for a fee. Please get in
> touch.
> Regards.
> Hafeez

don't know if it could help (I'm not a developer nor have a deep
knowledge on that) but I managed to have 2 working AD DC with samba4
(for now without s3fs enabled) and 2 samba3 servers joined to their
domain with ADS security.

All of the servers are ubuntu (10.04, 10.10 or 11.04 all 32 bit).

The samba3 smb.conf looks like the examples you can find on the
internet. Now I'm out of the office and without a good connection so I
can't pick up a copy (I'll post it next if you want).

The rules I followed are the ones in the wiki 

What I had to note you is:
     1. assert you can see your dns server(s) or try adding it(them)
        directly to your /etc/hosts
     2. assert kinit allows you to authenticate on DC(s)
     3. double check nsswitch configuration to be like the one in the
     4. during join (for me) I was not able to add dns record (so I had
        to add them by hand on AD dns zones).


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