replacement of talloc

akib sayyed mailing.akib at
Thu Jul 19 07:34:35 MDT 2012

I want to run the code on arm and arm dont have memoery management
routines. i might need to write them seperately  which involve getting
details from kernal. so i want to completely replace talloc and implement
normal memory allocating and deallocating.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 5:12 PM, Holger Hetterich <hhetter at> wrote:

> Am 19.07.2012 13:04, schrieb akib sayyed:
>  I wanted to replace talloc functions used in osmocom project. i am
>> completely new to talloc function and actual implement. please help with
>> that.
> Looks like the code is a mixture of malloc and talloc usage (given this :
> is the project).
> Can you explain what you really want to archive?
> It's probably an option to convert all the code to a fully talloc'ed
> project.
> -- Holger

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