Samba 4 still crawling on the floor

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at
Tue Jul 10 12:32:54 MDT 2012

Hi Geza,

Actually I do have it declared. I have commented them out and bind 
started in the server that was not starting. But how does the other with 
the exact same versions and configs does start?
And if I don't declare the zones, how does bind knows which are it's 
zones? it's all in the tldb?

On 10/07/12 09:09, Gémes Géza wrote:
> 2012-07-10 14:02 keltezéssel, Juan Pablo Lorier írta:
>> Hi Amitay,
>> Thanks for the answer. I need to ask you how do I check that DLZ is 
>> working? In one of the servers I can't get bind to load (after update 
>> to beta2) because I get an error loading DLZ:
>> Jul 10 09:00:22 sambaDC2 named[8119]: Loading 'AD DNS Zone' using 
>> driver dlopen
>> Jul 10 09:00:25 sambaDC2 named[8119]: samba_dlz: started for DN 
>> DC=montecarlotv,DC=com,DC=uy
>> Jul 10 09:00:25 sambaDC2 named[8119]: samba_dlz: starting configure
>> Jul 10 09:00:26 sambaDC2 named[8119]: samba_dlz: Failed to configure 
>> zone ''
>> Jul 10 09:00:26 sambaDC2 named[8119]: loading configuration: already 
>> exists
>> Jul 10 09:00:26 sambaDC2 named[8119]: exiting (due to fatal error)
>> and I don't get anything else in the logs. How do I rise the log 
>> level of DLZ driver?
>> Regards,
>> Juan Pablo Lorier
>> On 09/07/12 21:26, Amitay Isaacs wrote:
>>> Hi Juan,
>>> On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 1:18 AM, Juan Pablo Lorier 
>>> <jplorier at> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I've posted a couple of times the outputs I get in my two samba 
>>>> servers but
>>>> had no luck in getting a useful reply.
>>>> If anyone can give me a hand, it'll be welcome.
>>>> Andrew, I know that you may be really busy with all this going on, 
>>>> but I
>>>> replied twise your post and had no answer at all. If you can't 
>>>> help. please
>>>> point me to whom I should write to get DNS working maybe before final
>>>> release ;-)
>>>> Regards,
>>> There are still some issues with replication of DNS partitions. There
>>> are few people on the list who seem to have got successful replication
>>> of DNS zones. Andrew may be able to provide more information in this
>>> regard. If you have any other issues getting DLZ module to work, let
>>> me know. I should be able help you with those.
>>> Amitay.
> Hi Juan,
> You probably have the zone already defined in e.g. 
> a zone file. You need to comment it out in the bind config.
> Regards
> Geza

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