How to get DNS replication working properly?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jul 9 18:37:23 MDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-07-05 at 14:29 -0300, Juan Pablo Lorier wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I don't know if you received the reply to your last mail. I'm back at 
> the office and I'm compiling beta3 to test everything with the patch 
> (that if I don't get it wrong should be at the master branch at this 
> time, isn't it?).
> I told you in the last mail that I get partial things running, I get the 
> partitions right at joing time with your patch but I don't get dynamic 
> dns to update from the windows controllers to samba and I don't get bind 
> to work.
> I get the right dns records if I samba-tool dns qerry but I don't get 
> them if I use dig (that should querry the bind instead of samba, doesn't 
> it?).

I'm sorry for not getting back to you earlier.  On your query today I
found this half-compleated mail (got distracted trying to investigate
the issues further, and never sent it).

Is bind started, and showing that it is loading and using the dlz

> I also get an error if I upgradedns complaining about not finding the 
> zone file in the private directory (I've tried creating it manually but 
> the script deletes it).

I wanted to say you don't need to run this any more, once you have the
zone data imported into one replica, but fact-checking this statement
got my distracted because it isn't true.  You must still run
samba_upgradedns to allow updates to the second DC (everything else
should work however). 

> With beta3 I get this error in one of my samba DCs:

Can you turn up the log level on both ends and get some more detail on
why it fails?

> So it seems replica is not working.
> Another thing that I'll confirm if is fixed in beta3 is that in beta2 I 
> had samba eating the ram of the system. I had to kill samba every 2 days 
> at most to release the memory (virtual machine with 2GB ram and about 
> 100 users and 100 machines in the domain).
> If you can point me a direction so I can look for a way to test what is 
> not working, I'll be happy to work to get this running.
> Regards,

I would just give it more ram.  The replication process seems to require
a lot of ram, which due to the way malloc() works will be retained by
the process.  

Andrew Bartlett

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