Help Required : Test Python DCERPC Pipes

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Sun Jul 1 09:04:27 MDT 2012

Hello once again.

 First up , I am glad to inform you I have successfully ported the core
Samba Gtk toolkit to Gtk3. The GUI now works and is fully functional
(testing is welcome).
In the process, I came across a some errors and bugs in the pipe methods
and calls and the way they were handled and with Jelmer's help and
advice fixed them in utilities like the winreg and samr to get basic
functionality going .
 I am currently porting the extra tools in samba-gtk like gepdump (Endpoint
Browser) and gtkldb (LDB Browser) browser, these were built against some
really old version of sambagtk (as they have refrence to
non-existent methods and some C code too :D ) I should finish these in a
few days.
As i have informed you before ,the code is under development and updated at
: in the
gtk3 branch

 The current difficulty i am facing is that some methods and pipes in the
samba server itself are broken thus leading to non functioning utilities. I
am in touch with Jelmer.
One of these happens to be the fact that i am not able to achieve even a
basic type of dcerpc client connection in some cases (atsvc and svcctl).
These need to at least start and work for any further fixing and testing to
go ahead. It could very well be a localized error in my system or something
is broken in the bindings or server lately.I tested it on all versions up
a17 to b2. I  will be creating a fresh vanilla system install based
on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and testing them out again.

 I have tried to debug these with strace and gdb with a bit of Jelmer's
guidance but couldn't figure out what is going wrong.

 *I am attaching a small script to this email that tests the creation of
these dcerpc pipes . *
 You will have to set up the basic parameters and probably set the
pythonpath on your system to get the basic tests running.
( In case you have not setup your variables the script will warn you and
tell you to fix it.
For folks that have issue running or have not used the python bindings
before ,  the script is well commented to let you set the required
vars/paths etc. )

The output of this script will be a file in the working directory called "*
samba_conn_test.log*" that will contain the basic error output . Please try
looking into this as a starting point and mail back your results . It will
help diagnose the error and will go a long way in figuring out what's going
wrong and possibly someone may have an idea of how to fix this if required

Keep the suggestions, feedback and ideas pouring in as usual.

Looking forward to your feed back in this regard to the issue at hand.

Cheers !

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