tdb and ldb

Rusty Russell rusty at
Tue Jan 31 20:02:47 MST 2012

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 09:54:27 +0100, Andreas Schneider <asn at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 January 2012 10:37:03 you wrote:
> > On Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:39:13 +0100, Andreas Schneider <asn at> wrote:
> > > Hi Rusty,
> > > 
> > > today I've tried to package the latest master tree and it didn't work.
> > > I've
> > > built it so that Samba4 is using the system libraries of talloc, tevent,
> > > tdb and ldb. This fails cause the ldb configure check doesn't find tdb.
> > Yes, you need to --enable-tdb2=false if you want to use the system tdb.
> The error message is:
> ERROR: Use of system library ldb depends on missing system library talloc tdb 
> tevent
> It says tdb and not tdb2, I think this confuses 99% of the people ... ;)

Yeah :(  Rather than chase up "tdb" everywhere in the tree, I make
tdb_compat the only thing that knows whether it's tdb2 or tdb1.  I'll
see if I can make this better.

> > > a) Take a look at lib/ldb/wscript, line 31 ff. you find the configure
> > > checks for ldb. I can see tdb_compat twice.
> > > 
> > > b) conf.CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM_PKG() for ldb is looking for tdb but it
> > > doesn't find it.
> > 
> > Because it's looking for tdb2 now.  Perhaps it's time to export tdb2 as
> > a shared library as well?
> Yes, or document that if you use system ldb you need to disable tdb2.

That would be temporary though.  It's useful to keep the --enable-tdb2
option for now in case we get regressions, but I want to kill it: we
have a nasty tdb_compat layer and other stuff which unneccessary with
the tdb2 api (like tdb_wrap).  Then there is some really nice stuff we
could do (like an allocator attribute, so we can have a tallocized tdb).

I guess it's time to make a TDB2 shared library, which means the API
gets harder to change.  But it'll keep us honest...


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