tdb and ldb

Andreas Schneider asn at
Mon Jan 30 10:39:13 MST 2012

Hi Rusty,

today I've tried to package the latest master tree and it didn't work. I've 
built it so that Samba4 is using the system libraries of talloc, tevent, tdb 
and ldb. This fails cause the ldb configure check doesn't find tdb.

a) Take a look at lib/ldb/wscript, line 31 ff. you find the configure checks 
for ldb. I can see tdb_compat twice.

b) conf.CHECK_BUNDLED_SYSTEM_PKG() for ldb is looking for tdb but it doesn't 
find it.

c) The same for pyldb-util

I've fixed it by replacing conf.RECURSE('lib/tdb_compat') with 

If you think this should be fixed in a different way please do, else I will 
push my patch this week.


	-- andreas

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