getpass regressions on Solaris/Illumos - 3.6 and master.

Ira Cooper samba at
Sat Jan 28 22:24:50 MST 2012

There's been at least 2 regressions on the Solaris platforms.  One
involving net join not working, and one involving smbclient not working,
using typed passwords.

I ended up tracking this issue down via bisection
to: 510e61871c0c2b2659b80d5f785522184131b1d9 and then working out why that
patch was the issue.

If you look at the commit involved, it looks like a no-op.  Alas, util.c
included "system/passwd.h" and util_cmdline.c did not, so there was a
regression, because getpass doesn't take passwords longer than 8
characters, on Solaris.

I'm looking for a better idea than just adding "system/passwd.h" to
source3/include/includes.h, that also has the effect of protecting against
the kind of simple mistake made in the commit above.  I can't blame the
committer for the error, it was far too easy to make, in my opinion.

Patch enclosed, and verified to work, against v3-6-test, that just adds
"system/passwd.h" to source3/include/includes.h.

Thanks for the explanation of the brokenness of getpass on Solaris, Andrew

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