smbcli connection using public libs only

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Jan 25 07:51:23 MST 2012

Hi Thomas,

>> Please note that the smb_raw_* api is not a supported stable interface,
>> it will change in future and hopefully made private again for usage in
>> smbtorture only.
> Please note that winexe is also using smb_raw_* functions.
> The most recent release of winexe, 1.00, is built from a very old snapshot
> of Samba 4 with winexe patches applied to it.  The author of winexe and I
> have adapted the winexe codebase such that, now, winexe is built in a
> directory next to the samba4 tree which must also be built by samba4's waf.
>  Our goal is ultimately to be able to build winexe solely against Samba
> public headers and libraries as shipped in -dev packages.  In order to
> achieve this we have been waiting for additional definitions to be added to
> certain published header files, including, for example, smb_cliraw.h.
>  Jelmer Vernooij has been helping us with this.
> If the smb_raw-* API is going to become private again then we will have to
> revise our plans.
> winexe/git/source$ grep raw *
> async.c:#include "libcli/raw/raw_proto.h"
> async.c:#include <samba-4.0/smb_cliraw.h>
> async.c: status = smb_raw_read_recv(req, c->io_read);
> async.c:       ("ERROR: smb_raw_read_recv - %s\n",
> async.c: status = smb_raw_write_recv(req, c->io_write);
> async.c:       ("ERROR: smb_raw_write_recv - %s\n",
> async.c: status = smb_raw_open_recv(req, c, c->io_open);
> async.c:       ("ERROR: smb_raw_open_recv - %s\n",
> async.c: c->rreq = smb_raw_read_send(c->tree, c->io_read);
> async.c: c->rreq = smb_raw_open_send(c->tree, c->io_open);
> async.c:     smb_raw_write_send(c->tree, c->io_write);
> async.c:     smb_raw_close_send(c->tree, c->io_close);
> svcinstall.c:#include <samba-4.0/smb_cliraw.h>
> Winexe source:
> Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> I'm wondering if a possible approach would be to code up this against
>> the private interfaces, as a patch to Samba?
> What would be your recommendation to the winexe developers?

For now keep using what you have, it shouldn't be hard to convert
async.c to a new api
once we have it. I'm happy to help or even write the patch.


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