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Charles Tryon charles.tryon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 18:07:30 MST 2012

Hi Aaron,

  The tool is mostly set up to do the translation in place.  That solves a
lot of problems and introduces a whole set of new problems. ;-)  It
simplifies the transition, but it makes testing without downing the
production Samba3 instance complicated.

  I'm actually testing by copying the /etc/samba directory from my
production server to the new test server, and then running server and test
clients in an isolated network (VMware).  I haven't worked all of the kinks
out of this setup yet, but I have at least reached the point where I know
an existing client will connect to the new server without corrupting the
domain user profiles.  I'm working on groups.

  I do NOT have an LDAP back end on my production environment, so
everything is in the tdb database.  I actually spent a great amount of time
trying to migrate my 3.0 service to a 3.6 environment with an LDAP backend,
but in the end, figured that I would need to get to either Samba4 or a
"real' AD server sooner or later anyway.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 3:37 PM, Aaron E. <ssureshot at gmail.com> wrote:

> Charles,
> I am running debian based flavor. I have samba4 / bind 9.8 build on my
> test box working with a new provision which Ill blow away..
> Can it pull the information through a network or does everything have to
> be installed on the same server?
> Essentialy all I would need to do is get ldap and samba functioning and
> restore the database from my production box. Which shouldn't take too long
> but I would rather not have to install what I won't need. I'm anal
> retentive when it comes to installed packages in production..
> On 01/11/2012 02:47 PM, Charles Tryon wrote:
>> I've had some success doing some test migrations, though I don't have all
>> my pieces put together yet.
>> Are you running on a Debian based system or a Red Hat (CentOS, Fedora,
>> etc)
>> based system?  There are obviously some package differences, as well as
>> startup script differences.
>> I am actually trying to do the conversion from one server to another,
>> which
>> presents some different challenges.  For one thing, I still have a load of
>> other services on the old server that I can't get rid of right away.
>>  Also,
>> that box is pretty suck on packages from several years ago, which is why
>> it's still running Samba 3.0.9!!
>> In my case, I do NOT have an LDAP server, so I am pulling from a tdb
>> database for my users.  I wouldn't say this is better or worse than LDAP,
>> but it does mean you do things a little differently.
>> I've found that I can copy my /etc/samba and /usr/lib/samba directories
>> from my production server to the new test server and then run the
>> conversion.
>> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:12 PM, Aaron E.<ssureshot at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>  I'm finally getting back to some testing now that EOY is over. The last I
>>> worked with upgrade testing was running the myldap.py upgrade script, I
>>> have seen that the samba-tool can now provide an upgrade path and I'd
>>> like
>>> to run some tests.
>>> I'm looking for information to read up on using this tool.
>>> I currently have an s3 domain with an openldap backend. When I run
>>> samba-tool ? I don't seem to see anything relevant to an upgrade. This is
>>> the latest git as of a week ago.
>>> Any reading material is greatly appriciated along with examples if you
>>> have them.
>>> Thanks
>>> Aaron

    Charles Tryon
      "It's the job that's never started that takes longest to finish."
                                 -- Samwise Gamgee

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