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Piing - Damien CHEVALIER dchevalier at
Wed Jan 11 06:39:07 MST 2012


I've got a recurrent issue with Samba (3.4.7) installed on a ubuntu 
server (kernel 2.6.32).
My ubuntu server is a guest running on a gentoo with qemu-kvm.

Users who worked on XP Pro systems may have sometimes errors like :
"Unable to [rename/delete][name of file]. This resource is used by 
another person or program.Close programs that use the file and try again."

(In french : "Impossible de [Renommer/supprimer] [Nom du fichier]. Cette 
ressource est utilisée par une autre personne ou un autre programme. 
Fermez les programmes susceptibles d'utiliser le fichier et essayez à 

I added "SO_KEEPALIVE" option in "socket options" parameter, but the 
issue still exists.

Can anyone help me ?


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