Cheng DN - upgrade from samba to samba

Matthieu Patou mat at
Tue Jan 10 10:34:16 MST 2012

On 10/01/2012 00:09, Mohammad Ebrahim Abravi wrote:
> Hi
> How To change this DN (in samba4):
> *CN=SCIENCE*, OU=Domain Controllers,DC=science,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com
> To:
> *CN=SCIENCE-AD*, OU=Domain Controllers,DC=science,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com
> ?
> Note:
> I need to change smab4  Hostname for upgrade from old samba to
> samba to samba4.0.0.17, because hostname  same to domain name and
> upgradeprovision not work!
What about changing the netbios domain name ?

It would be much easier, for the moment we don't support renamming DCs 
or Domains.


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