Domain join as BDC

Sergey Urushkin urushkin at
Tue Feb 28 04:41:50 MST 2012


>/ >> Currently the join code does not have the logic to replicate
/>/ >> application partitions. So right now
/>/ >> there is no easy way to add DNS partitions on second DC.
/>/ >>
/>/ >> Amitay.
/>/ >
/>/ > is it in the team plans to add this? is it scheduled and already in
/>/ > charge of someone? can I contribute (I'm a good C/C++ programmer, seen
/>/ > python but never had time to work with) in some way?
/>/ >
/>/ > Daniele.
/>/ I will be working on the code to support replication of application partitions.
/>/ It might be a week or two before you will be able to test it though.
/>/ Amitay.//

I just want to know is there anything to test at this moment. I'll be glad to do it.


Best regards,
Sergey Urushkin

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