Dependencies for Samba 4 Python modules

Torsten Kurbad samba-technical at
Mon Feb 27 05:10:20 MST 2012

Hi All,

while trying to build the latest GIT / Alpha18 of Samba 4 in a
"distribution-friendly" way on Gentoo, I ran into some problems
regarding the rpath entries of the Python C extensions included with
Samba 4.

More precisely, I configured


which places all the Samba modules in /usr/lib[64]/samba.
Nonetheless, the rpath entry of several Python modules only
contains /usr/lib[64], instead of /usr/lib[64]:/usr/lib[64]/samba.

I've been able to resolve all these occurences by applying the attached
patch. However, I don't know, which of these deps=... changes are really

Could someone please have a look and decide, whether the necessary bits
can be pushed to the tree, so they find their way into alpha19?

Thank you in advance
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