SAMBA4 success

Manuel Alguacil Payán malguacil at
Fri Feb 24 13:09:20 MST 2012

Hello everyone,

at this very just moment I have a SAMBA4 working as an additional DC in a
Windows Server 2003 AD domain.

The successful test are:

- Windows to SAMBA sync (users, computers, groups...): Ok and fast.
- SAMBA to Windows sync (users, computers, groups...): Ok but slower.
- SYSVOL sync: Ok, with scheduled tasks in DC and robocopy.
- Join PC to domain: Ok.
- Kerberos: Ok.

In my final environment I need one only domain working with Windows and
several sites working with SAMBA4 as additional remote DCs, and that is
what I will try next monday.

As soon as I validate all test in the final environment I will inform about


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