Issues bringing 'new SPENGO' to MIT Kerberos 1.8 builds

Luke Howard lukeh at
Tue Feb 14 21:18:39 MST 2012

On 15/02/2012, at 2:18 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> As you know, once you use GSSAPI, using it for SPNEGO rather than krb5
> is trivial, and gensec_gssapi already does this.  It is just off by
> default, but with the recent work (in master and pending) to use GENSEC
> everywhere, swapping this in for any experiments you wish to undertake
> should be a matter of two smb.conf options.

Sometimes it is non-trivial but that's usually because of bugs in SPNEGO ;-)

Here's another reason to use it: you can use our NegoEx implementation, which is nice for interop with Windows, particularly for GSS EAP, PKU2U, etc.

-- Luke

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