catia module

Wethern, Larry wethern1 at
Tue Feb 7 18:19:04 MST 2012

The catia module loads but can't get a peep out of it in terms of character translation
or debug logging. Not sure if its been verified functional (might be feeding
the wrong config I know ) . the code changed in 2009 moving the character translation definitions to smb.conf
as far as I can tell. the module doesn't appear to get to much usage, not much to google for.

3.5.8 smb.conf on solaris 10 excerpt/test:

vfs objects = catia:p1:p2
p1: parameter = 0x3a
p2: parameter = 0x5f

(replace ":"  on the unix side with "_" on the windows side maybe?)

any info, pointers (sympathy?) or a known working conf would be appreciated.  Larry
(sandwhich and beer forthcoming if you are near Livermore)

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