getting fsp->fsp_name value 'null' with samba-3.4.3 + SLES 11(32 bit)

Amancio Tarrito amanciotarrito at
Wed Feb 8 03:39:52 MST 2012

Hello All,
                    I am Amancio Tarrito, I have written  vscan-vfs module that is working well. 
In that I have associated  SMB_VFS_OP_CLOSE  with my method vscan_close (struct vfs_op_tuple entry).
                    I have recieved  files_struct *fsp parameter in vscan_close( ) method. But My problem is I am not getting filename which is uploaded in SMB_VFS_OP_CLOSE operation.
Showing  fsp->fsp_name value 'null'. 
                    I am kindly requesting you to please provide the solution for how to 
get filename of uploaded file on samba-share by client in vfs close 

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