[MAC Lion] smbclient "Open AndX Request->STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED"

Darrik Spaude dspaude at multitech.com
Fri Feb 3 15:57:21 MST 2012

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get this to work from Samba 3.0 (embedded system, so upgrading to 3.6 may not be possible)?

For example, from the embedded system trying to connect to a share ("Shared") on Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion):

smbmount // /smbfs/ -o 'guest,rw,fmask=777,dmask=777'

fails with "SMB connection failed."

The same smbmount string connecting to Snow Leopard works just fine (same sharing config as Lion). Connecting from Snow Leopard to Lion via the following worked fine:

smbclient \\\\\\Shared --user=guest

Is there a smb.conf change I can make for smbmount so that I don't get the STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED negotiation failure?

Thanks for your help,

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