version `SAMBA_4.0.0ALPHA18_DEVELOPERBUILD' not found (required by bin/tdbbackup)

Horacio G. de Oro hgdeoro at
Fri Feb 3 11:22:40 MST 2012

>> What was the configure command you used?

I've used:

./configure.developer --prefix=/opt/samba4-3bea5a147b

> It's a wellknown problem that 'make install' corrupts the local tree,
> after a 'make' it works again. We need to fix our waf build to avoid
> this.

After re-running make, the provision script ran ok.

I think I would be very useful update the instructions on, maybe add something

If you get an error like this:
 Failed to setup database for BIND, AD based DNS cannot be used
 Exception: Error copying /path/to/install/dir/private/sam.ldb
as a workaround, you need to rerun 'make' and the provision script again.

Thank you very much!
Horacio de Oro

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