Ali Bendriss ali.bendriss at
Thu Feb 2 04:00:05 MST 2012

> On Tue, 2012-01-24 at 21:56 +0100, Ali Bendriss wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is it ok to share idmap.ldb between 2 samba4 servers ?
> > I've done a try using a shared gfs2 partition (on a shared storage),
> > it seems to work but is it safe ?
> > 
> > Or is there a better to keep idmap.ldb in sync between the servers ?
> Currently there is no good way to keep idmap.ldb in sync between
> servers.  We hope to put this data back in the directory, but there are
> issues with how to handle the distributed ID allocation required on new
> users.
I hope you will be able to solve how to handle the distributed ID allocation 
(even if I don't know what are the issues). I'm looking forward seeing this 
data in the directory. I will continue to update the file with ldbedit. 

> You should not share ldb files between hosts.  On very good filesystems,
> it might just be slow, but I would not trust my data to it.
Matthieu Patou told me that as well.
I will remove the sharing of the idmap.ldb file .

Is it ok to sync manually idmap.ldb xidNumber in dn: CN=CONFIG on all the 
server, just before creating new account ? I guess idmap will start counting 
from the same value on all the servers then.   

> We don't try and build Samba4 on top of ctdb as we have the native AD
> replication technologies we already need to support.
thanks for the info, the next time I will rebuild samba4, I will remove the 
ctdb option.


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